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The Sperrgebiet or “forbidden area” is a vast, scenically beautiful and fragile eco system in the south western corner of Nambia. It was named the Sperrgebiet when diamonds were discovered more than a 100 years ago, and since then access has been strictly controlled. The area to remains almost untouched. It covers and area of 26,000 square kilometres and the dunes and mountains seem extremely barren but shelter a huge biodiversity. The few scientific assessments carried out to date discovered 776 plant species, including 234 unique to the area.
Sperrgebiet, can only be visited with a permit which must be applied for 2 weeks in advance, and you can only enter the area from the town of Luderitz. This huge area is largely uninhabited, but it is on the road to Luderitz that you can find the ghost town of Kolmanskop. An eery place where the sand dunes have reclaimed the once prosperous diamond mining town. The town was deserted when the diamonds ran out, and large corporations took over the mining rites of the entire area. This place is a photographers dream!

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